Emma Portner
Dancer / Choreographer

Dance is my life. It has kept me alive. Performance is a natural extension of it and through it. I’ve made my most cherished human connections. The more I perform, the more I understand what it is to choreograph, and the more I choreograph, the more I understand the real value of performance. I love to perform on stage, but am rarely given a stage for my “own” ideas to have a habitat. Dance has made me create my own stage and I’m just on it everyday – with or without the “traditional idea” of performance. Performing with people I love is when I am my happiest. I don’t really like to do a solo these days because I am a recluse in my real life. That’s not what I want to bring to people. I want to bring them what they don’t see walking down the street. I want to bring them the whole damn street. I want to bring them what I wish my world to be. What I wish the whole world could be. Not just my world.

– Emma Portner
Interview with Ana Brankovic / WWMM

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