Era Enesi

Era Enesi was born in Tirana, Albania in 1993. Looking for a new life she moves to Turin, Italy, with all her family.

Attracted to Helmut Newton’s photography since her childhood, she nurtures her passion for this art, until she receives, as a gift from her parents, her first camera, giving her the freedom to follow her passion.

She attends the Technical Institut for Tourism and after this first degree, she arrives at her beloved Italian School of Photography in Milan. After the degree, she begins to make her first steps into the world.

She exhibits her work for the first time in 2016 at the European Photographic Festival with the project Contatto con l’Orizzonte organized by Erminio Annunzi.

In 2017 she exhibits again as an IIF young photographer during Martino Midali exposition in his Milan store.

In autumn 2016 she works as an assistant to the well known fashion photographer Paolo Ranzani.


Memories weaved together with photography, express my research of liberation towards myself and others. I obsessively look into my subconscious for the meaning of the word “freedom,” which comes to reality through the Nude.

The sensation of “lack” and “unknown,” moves me to the search of an intimate and sincere relationship with the people I take pictures of; finding myself in them.

Through the camera and the subject, I cancel and deprive myself of all the realities of my life.

The memory resurgence, as permanent sensation in the shutter click, explains my joy for new feelings and wishes, necessary to live and to feed my art.

“Liberi riflessi per liberi ricordi” is a scream towards femininity and my need, and the subjects as well, to come to an harmony with one’s body and to a total acceptance and liberation of oneself.

Through died flowers in foreground, like a fogged mirror, I express the intense and wistful research of memories of my past and how, through different steps of my life, I’m reaching freedom.

“Intimate to me, means having the freedom to be the most bad-tempered or the most gentle depending on what my feelings suggest me. Without formal obligation, just with respect.” –Luca Fuchs