Femgrafía is a platform for dissemination and research on the photographic work of emerging and established women photographers in Latin America and Spain. Founded by Karla Guerrero in 2019.

As a native digital platform, Femgrafía aims to provide contributions to the future study and analysis of photography made by women and women identifying photographers, developing new digital narratives within curatorial proposals, open calls, publications, and online exhibitions. As well as building connections, collaborations, and a community, through online and offline events.

The main principal areas of the platform are: Gallery, an online group shows with special guests to be a jury or curator; Index, collective portfolio – archive; Hablemos de foto, an open space to create conversations, interviews, blog’s publications and tweets about photography and visual culture; and Red fotógrafas, an international directory of organizations for women photographers.


Claudia Amuedo (bio), Dolores Medel (banner), Esperanza Manzanera, Celeste Ortiz, Teresa Aviedma, Daniela Pafundi, Lorena Cosba, Mayra Biajante