Fogo Island Arts
Fogo Island / Canada

A residency-based contemporary art venue, Fogo Island Arts provides support for artistic exploration and production for artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, curators, designers, and thinkers from around the world.

Located off the coast of Newfoundland in Canada, Fogo Island Arts was established in 2008. Artists-in-residence come to the island to do research and selected artists are invited to present their work in exhibitions at the Fogo Island Gallery, which is located in the Fogo Island Inn. Exhibitions are accompanied by publications produced in collaboration with international imprints, including Sternberg Press (Germany) and with public institutions globally. These initiatives are part of a social enterprise-based business model that supports the economic viability of the Fogo Island Inn and the growth of tourism on Fogo Island.

The programs at Fogo Island Arts provide alternatives to more traditional international residencies and public art galleries in North America – in part due to the resourcefulness and creativity of Fogo Islanders, which provides a vital framework for the organization’s activities. Fogo Island Arts places emphasis on creating meaningful partnerships – locally, nationally and internationally. Collaboration enhances knowledge through the sharing of resources, strengthening capacities and stimulating creative thought. By facilitating collaborations between emerging and established artists, curators, scholars and the public at large, Fogo Island Arts is building a growing national and international network of associates that help to support the organization and its programs.