Formento & Formento
Photographer / AD, Stylist

Formento + Formento are known for their romantic and stylish photographs that explore themes of love, loss, longing and the burden of memory. Utilizing staged scenes and desaturated colors, the eerie sensuality of their style reveals a fascination with fiction and reality, and with mood and texture, where a sense of place figures prominently. Their work is about their outer surroundings and their inner landscape, photographed with a lasting love for one another.

Richeille Formento styles and art directs, while BJ Formento lights and photographs. Together the duo has an enthralling ability to absorb the spirit of a time and place, creating cinematic, quasi-anthropological photographs, with a vision that references the past but remains contemporary and highly original.

To date, they have produced six bodies of work, and are currently working on their new series Women of Resistance, their homage to the unsung heroines of WW2.