Fotografie Forum Frankfurt
Photography Center

The Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) is a unique centre, which exhibits photographic art of the highest quality and promotes its importance as a universal visual language. Since its founding in 1984 the FFF strives to incorporate all aspects of photography and to provide a platform for critical dialog. Through a wide-ranging programme of exhibitions, publications, workshops, lectures and symposiums, the ever evolving and classic interpretations of the photographic medium are highlighted. Emphasis is also placed upon premiering photographers work in Germany whether it be from international or national image-makers, one-person shows of historical and contemporary icons to intriguing group collections of international emerging talents.

As the official organizational partner of RAY Fotografieprojekte Frankfurt/Rhein Main, the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt coordinates a Triennial dedicated to international photographic arts with other key exhibition partners and collections of the region.

The FFF is a non-profit organisation.