Frederic Blaimont
Artist / Painter

Frédéric Blaimont proposes authentic slides of life; capturing frozen images he reveals to us, without unnecessary detours those people whose paths we cross every day.

A fierce observer, with a sharp eye softened by a certain tenderness, he immortalizes these men and women in their environment, their daily habits with unsparing realism.

Gifted with great mastery in the precision of his drawing, sometimes close to hyper realism, the painter relentlessly tracks down these people in the streets, at the beach, in a café. Their strong presence strikingly stands out against delicately rendered backgrounds.

With bright colors and playing with light, the painter reveals the unvarnished reality of our fellow citizens met during a day, a lifetime. . .

Moving, natural, captured by a lucid unforgiving vision, these portraits represent an image of society that the artist brushes with benevolence.

–Luis Porquet / Journalist and art critic

Painter living in South West France Frédéric Blaimont exhibits mainly in galleries in France and Europe. He was distinguished by the magazine “Miroir de l’Art” as one of the 100 leading artists followed by gallery owners, collectors and art lovers. In 2017, he received the Renée Bernard Award from the Taylor Paris Foundation.