Fürstenberg Contemporary
Art Organization

Fürstenberg Contemporary was founded in 2011 by Hereditary Prince Christian and Hereditary Princess Jeannette of Fürstenberg. The project consists of a fellowship program, annual temporary exhibitions and the establishment of a small collection. The focus is on young, emerging artists who have distinguished themselves in recent years through new concepts and languages of form and have in this context become the focus of international discourse.

Every year, Fürstenberg Contemporary awards three work fellowships to international artists, who are selected by a board of trustees in dialogue with the Hereditary Prince. In addition to financial support, the fellows are provided with accommodation at Heiligenberg Castle near Lake Constance as well as studio and workspace in the local area from June to September. During the most beautiful months of the summer, the artists are given the opportunity to live and work in an exceptional setting with a great historical background.

The sensitively growing Fürstenberg Contemporary Collection, which is on permanent display on the top floor of the museum, comprises the young artists supported by the fellowship programme and complements these with artistic positions of the previous generation(s). The work and development of each artist is traced based on small groups of works exhibited in the galleries and halls of the museum. This concentrated presentation provides the various positions with an appropriate framework, while at the same time demonstrating the range of different artistic approaches. In order for the arrangement of the works to present the artists’ visions as closely as possible, the rooms are always arranged in close dialogue with them, so that many of the galleries bear the installation-based character of so-called artists’ spaces.


Dirk Bell

Kai Althoff

João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva

Benjamin Saurer

Kathrin Sonntag

Carina Brandes

Claus Richter

Kris Martin

Gareth Moore

Katharina Wulff

Jonas Lipps