Gallery Hyundai

The Gallery was founded under the name of Hyundai Hwarang (Modern Art Gallery) in 1970.

Since then, it has has nurtured the careers of numerous Korean artists and also exhibited the works of international masters such as Joan Miró, Marc Chagall, and Henri Moore.

In 1987, the gallery took on the new name Gallery Hyundai and began entering the international at scene with its first participation in Art Chicago. In 1990 a special performance of Nam June Paik, considered the father of video art, in memory of his lifetime friend Joseph Beuys.

The gallery began to participate in FIAC, Paris from 1995, and in Art Basel from 1996. In 2002 Gallery Hyundai established DoArt (2002-2007) as a new space for young artists, expanding to the events. First initiated in Insadong, DoArt expanded its territory to DoArt Beijing (2007-2008) and DoArt Seoul (2008-2010), organizing exhibitions of global contemporary artists.

The gallery had established itself as Korea’s top gallery, endlessly presenting high-quality exhibitions of Korean and international contemporary artists.