Huxley-Parlour Gallery

Huxley-Parlour, formerly Beetles+Huxley, is a leading art gallery founded in London in 2010 by Chris Beetles and Giles Huxley-Parlour. The gallery’s vibrant exhibition program focuses on artists working with photography who have played a significant role in the history of art, and those who continue to shape the field in the present day.

Based in Mayfair, Huxley-Parlour represents many influential photographers and has presented exhibitions by artists as diverse as Cecil Beaton, Bruce Davidson, Edward Weston, Joel Meyerowitz, Sebastião Salgado, Steve McCurry, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Wang Qingsong, Dorothea Lange, Berenice Abbott, Bill Brandt, Vivian Maier and Ruud van Empel. Beetles+Huxley also trades significantly on the secondary market, maintaining a diverse range of stock by photographic masters from Edward Steichen to Irving Penn.

Huxley-Parlour Books is a brand of Huxley-Parlour Gallery, specializes in photography and offers the best limited and collector’s edition photography books available now.

Sandra Blow (bio/top left), Joel Meyerowitz, Eileen Cooper, Donald Sultan, Cig Harvey, Irving Penn, Alexander Calder, Harry Callahan, Vivian Maier, Zhang Kechun
Authored Articles
Masters of Photography 2019
Nov 20 – Dec 20, 2019
The 4th edition of Huxley-Parlour Gallery’s annual exhibition Masters of Photography will include over 30 masterworks by leading international...
The Long White Cloud / Jem Southam
February 12 – March 9, 2019
In 2018 Southam made his first overseas trip to produce his latest body of work in New Zealand. These...
This Side of Paradise
Nov 15 – Dec 15, 2018
Through cinematic narratives, Hido presents a shadowy, empty exterior suburban world while Aldridge presents the viewer with brightly lit...
The American Document
March 21 – April 14, 2018
This exhibit presents significant works of 20th century American documentary photography charting the shift from socially engaged photography to...
Our 6th Year Anniversary
ARTPIL / Prescription .141
We are rounding out our fifth year with nearly 3 million visits strong. A very exciting journey it has been, indeed.
The Shadow Pandemic
Artpil / Prescription .121
This other virus, which has existed for a far greater period of time and whose rate of contagion is...
New Year / 2020
ARTPIL / Prescription .108
Promethean fire, water from Sisyphus. Let us remember this day. As Hegel tells us, the world's history is not...
Future Now Symposium 2019
March 7-8, 2019 / York, UK
We are living in a time of globalization, expansion and media saturation. We communicate instantly, yet with alarming disconnect....
  • Anu Põder: Space for My Body
    Jan 3 – Jun 30, 2024
    Muzeum Susch
    Susch, Switzerland

    Anu Põder (1947-2013) is one of Estonia’s most revelatory voices of the last five decades. Her work has stood out since the 1970s as uniquely crafted, originally conceived, and deeply personal. Yet, because it was somehow out of sync with the then established art landscape in Estonia, it has been overlooked for many years. Põder is known for exploring the human body, highlighting the fragility, impermanence, and ephemerality of life (more…)