Iggy Smalls

I am a Norwegian photographer currently located in Barcelona, Spain. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Photography & Imaging from Ringling College of Art + Design in 2015, received Adobe Rising Stars of Photography in 2017 and was nominated for the PHMuseum 2018 Women Photographers Grant.

My photography is film based, usually long term, a little distant, spontaneous but also detail-oriented. Visually my style tends to be a saturated and slightly ‘artificial’ version of the world but with minimal amount of staging involved/post manipulation. Feeling or concepts of identity, environment, food and how they can all reflect each other, are particularly topics I wish to explore through my work. My images have exhibited in the USA, Nepal, Portugal, Italy, Costa Rica and Belgium and selected by British Journal of Photography, AI-AP, Feature Shoot, Der Greif, Humble Arts Foundation and Refintery29, among others.