Igor Chekachkov

Igor Chekachkov was born in 1989 in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Started as a photojournalist in 2008, Igor Chakachkov covered a wide range of cultural, mass and sports events. The path through photographic fields, weaving through years of work and searching, led the author to the field of art photography which he still explores these days. The boundaries between public and intimate spaces are the main focus for the author today.

His work has been published in Forbes, National Geographic, The Guardian, UK, Le Monde, France, Wirtschafts Wochesince, Germany, Forbes, Ukraine, and others. He also continues to exhibit his prints internationally in both solo and group exhibitions, including work in the La Quatrième Image, Paris, 2014, Galerie Claude Samuel, Paris, 2015, Ukrainian Museum, New York, 2015, Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, 2015, Odessa // Batumi Festival, 2017, and many others.

Member of UPHA Ukrainian Photographic Alternative and UAPF Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers group, National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine.