Ilaria Lazzarini

Ilaria Lazzarini is a freelance documentary photographer, based in Italy. She has worked as a humanitarian aid worker in Latin America, while developing her passion for photography. Thanks to her work in humanitarian aid and rural development projects, she has had the opportunity to comprehend and photograph different realities. With her photos, she has become an observer of the human condition through the portrait of women, men, and children in rural and urban environments, with a focus on human rights. Her photos have been published in: The Huffington Post, El País España, El País Brasil, Ecuador Infinito, Left. She has held photographic exhibitions in Italy and in Ecuador.

An article with her photos and an interview about indigenous women in Ecuador has been published in the Huffington Post US: “UN World Food Program in Ecuador: Capturing Realities of Indigenous Rural Women”. She worked as a photographer in the documentary “The borders of glyphosate” made on the border between Ecuador and Colombia. The documentary is focused on the consequences of fumigations of glyphosate envisaged by Plan Colombia and how they also affect the Ecuadorian side. She participated in the photographic book “Decimo Aniversario de la Practica in Comunidades de los Andes”, funded by the Mcknight Foundation, with photographs about indigenous women in new economic and social roles.

She has carried out two photo projects in Burkina Faso, “Los invisibles de piedra” and “Mujeres de otro mundo”, published in El Pais España and El Pais Brasil.

The photo reportage “Dentro la cava di Pissy, miniera del diavolo” was published in the Italian magazine Left.

She is currently working in a project about reception centers for migrants and asylum seekers Italy. A part of this project, entitled “Day will come”, has been published in El Pais España. She continues to work on migrations and international protection processes.