Mary Ellen Mark
Institut pour la Photographie
Lille, France

A project dedicated to photography with a mission to contribute to the growth and development of photography at large, the Institue boasts an exhibition area of 1,500 square meters and emerges as a dissemination platform. The exhibition program will showcase the diversity of uses and forms of Photography, its history including its present and future developments, with special attention being paid to new approaches and contemporary creation. Meetings, conferences and practical workshops organized in tandem with programming will encourage interaction with the public.

Preserve, transmit and promote

The Institut plans to host, via deposits or donations, archives of the leading figures of Photography active on national territory. Legal support will enable it to define the appropriate structure with regard to heritage management. Funds, preserved in their material and intellectual integrity, will benefit from a specific, material conservation treatment. Implementation of an internal stock-taking and reproduction service will ensure greater distribution of these archival funds with, in particular, a database accessible on line. Forming part of the Institute’s invaluable study items, this will be available for consultation and will be promoted in forthcoming exhibitions and publications.

Stimulate new areas of research

The Institut’s research program aims at developing and combining various approaches regarding Photography – its history, image anthropology, visual studies and research of the fine arts. Applications are open to PhD students, university or independent researchers, exhibition curators and artists. Projects, e.g., publications, exhibitions, production of works, must tackle the issue that has been announced. Four annual grants will be allocated for research time. The organisation of symposiums, workshops and events will enable creative exchanges to take place during the year before works are due to complete. Based on the project’s content and dissemination conditions, the Institute may collaborate in their completion.

Increasing awareness of the photographic image

The Institut pour la Photographie supports a collaborative, region-wide approach in order to develop artistic education and visual culture throughout the territory. Pedagogic and innovative tools and workshops associating the time for analysis and practical experimentation tailored to suit different audiences, will seek to engage creativity, encourage exchanges and confront perspectives alongside contemporary issues. A training and mentoring program will be established for players in cultural, educational and social fields so as to initiate a larger public to the critical reading of photographic images.

Promote the book as an aspiration

The Institut pour la Photographie’s vocation is to foster an activity in the field of publishing. A reference library on the history of photographic publishing and a specialized bookshop will act as resources open to the public. The editorial line, developed to resonate with the programming of different fields of activity will enable the exploration of various subjects – in printed and digital format – from artist books and exhibition catalogues to publications of works of original research.

Authored Articles
Oct 12 – Dec 15, 2019
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