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Werner Büttner
Werner Büttner / 1981–1988
Sep 10 – Oct 22, 2022

Beginning in the late 1970s, Werner Büttner became known for his distinctive painterly approach, cultivated at the time under the heading of ‘Bad Painting.’ In Büttner’s work, irony and satire abound.

Bill Phelps
Art Will Set You Free
Conversation with Photographer Bill Phelps

As life was turning constantly during this past year, one of the things that constantly kept me looking, hoping to see beyond what I saw was my on-going conversation with photographer Bill Phelps.

ARTPIL / Prescription .130
The Summer's End

The summer’s end is upon us, the respite from a life on pause rounded out. The pandemic in the rear view, and wars now classified or de/re-classified. Pack up the beach bags and the picnic baskets.

Dalton Paula, João de Deus Nascimento, 2018
Dalton Paula: Portraits
Jul 29 – Oct 30, 2022

Dalton Paula works in painting, drawing, video, performance and sculpture around Afro-Brazilian histories and experiences. This exhibition focus in a significant part of his production: the portraits.

Futurities, Uncertain / 2022 Cornell Biennial
Jul 13 – Dec 18, 2022

Inviting celebratory imaginations and enactments, the 2022 Cornell Biennial performs an artistic call and response to counter singular utopic models, colonial visions, and socio-cultural sameness.

Bernd & Hilla Becher
Bernd & Hilla Becher
Jul 15 – Nov 6, 2022

Bernd & Hilla Becher changed the course of late 20th century photography. Working as a couple, they focused on a single subject: the disappearing industrial architecture that fueled the modern era.