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Tehching Hsieh
ARS22 / Living Encounters
Apr 8 – Oct 16, 2022

Art has the power to investigate society and present alternative interpretations of our shared world. The featured works raise questions about our relationship with the world, with nature and history.

Jean Katambayi Mukendi
Charging Myths / On-Trade-Off
Mar 6 – Aug 21, 2022

How is technological innovation dependent on raw materials? This question is key in the exhibit tracing the origins of lithium starting in Manono, this former mining town relic of the colonial past.

Romain Bagnard
Circulation(s) / 12th edition
European Young Photography Festival

Circulation(s) is back with a program that reveals the vitality, creativity, and diversity of emerging photography. For two months, the public is invited to discover the work of 30 young artists.

William Keo / Magnum
Ukraine: Updates from Magnum
Photographers in the Field

Magnum Photographers are on the ground in Ukraine documenting the Russian invasion and its impact on life in the country, covering it as it is published alongside stories that report on the conflict.

Michael Whelan
The Last Humans
Alienation in the Anthropocene

We have fundamentally altered the earth’s ecosystem by disrupting the natural rhythm of our planet and in doing so have created a new chapter in the evolution of Earth and a new stage of uncertainty.

Ekaterine Kolesnikova
International Women’s Day / 2022
Artpil / Prescription .127

More terrible is love in Kyiv than magnificent Venetian passions. Butterflies fly light and maculate into bright tapers – Dead caterpillars’ brilliant wings aflame! And spring has lit the chestnuts…