Jacquelyn Stuber

Jacquelyn Nan Stuber is an artist from Albany, California. She received a BFA in photography from California College of the Arts in Oakland. She currently lives and works in Arcata, California. She is a resident studio artist at the Sanctuary in Arcata, a community arts center and gallery. She received the Morris Graves Museum’s Faben Artist Fund grant for her solo show at the Sanctuary in June 2019. She is a founder and head director at Outer Space Arcata, a nonprofit arts and music community center. She is also the founder of All Occasions Club, a photographic experiment about redistributing the artist’s archive and engaging in analog processes.

Her work explores human connection and relationship with the environment. She questions the perception of what is natural by examining the often indistinguishable boundaries between man made and native landscapes, frequently focusing on natural elements within cities like paved over creeks and constructed parks. The photographs seek a shift in consciousness and awareness of the often deceiving ways nature appears in our surroundings. Most of her photographs are shot on 35mm and 120 film. She also makes more personal work, exploring the simple beauty of color, texture, and feelings one is immersed in when on the edge of wilderness, as well as turning the camera on her friends and family.