Jeu de Paume
Museum / Paris

The Jeu de Paume is an iconic cultural institution located in the Tuileries Gardens. It has gained an international reputation as an art centre that exhibits and promotes all forms of mechanical and electronic imagery (photography, cinema, video, installation, online creation, etc.) from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It produces and coproduces exhibitions but also organises film programs, symposiums and seminars, as well as educational activities. The Jeu de Paume also publishes a number of art publications each year. With its high profile exhibitions of established, little-known and emerging artists (especially via the Satellite program), this venue ties together different narrative strands, mixing the historic and the contemporary.

Well-known artists as well as emerging figures can all be seen in this space that attracts an increasingly large and varied audience each year.

Since 2007, the Jeu de Paume has been working to develop its online presence and has been experimenting by developing a dedicated “virtual space” with a program of special web-based projects and thematic shows entrusted to curators specializing in the digital arts. Le Magazine was created online in 2010. Talks, seminars and symposia explore the questions and themes raised by the exhibitions, helping to open up new spaces for critical interaction.

The Jeu de Paume’s modular space and versatile educational program helps it respond to the different expectations arising from its activities, and confirms its ambition to provide all of its users with an active hub and resource centre for education in photographic imagery and the history of representation and the visual arts. Tours and courses, initiatives for students and teachers, and activities for families and young visitors, are the main components of its educational programme. The emphasis here is on participation rather than contemplation, exchange rather than the “colonisation of knowledge,” and sharing rather than the monopolisation of ideas.

Since 2010, the Ville de Tours and the Jeu de Paume have been collaborating on exhibitions devoted to historic photography.

Annette Messager (bio, banner), Jumana Manna, Jacques Villeglé, Adrian Paci, Taryn Simon, Peter Campus, Alejandro Cesarco, Daniel Boudinet, Susan Meiselas, Artur Zmijewski, Pedro Motta, Gilles Caron, Robert Capa
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