Growing up in Brazil, Jotape was always surrounded by rich colors, music and traditions. He uses all these elements and translate them into the canvas. He paints when he’s happy, when he’s sad, when he’s in love or heartbroken.

His paintings are pure reflections of his life journey, and although it comes through as figurative abstractions, the paintings represent things they are not visual, such as emotions, sound, or spirituals experiences. They are simplifications of reality, where details are eliminated from recognizable objects leaving only the essence of the feeling. The Artist’s intentions are to provoke emotion and make people feel as they are part of his journey.

Jotape is autodidact, and started paint four years ago. He has exhibiting his works in New York, Toronto, Miami, Aspen, Park City, Mexico City, London, Milan, Panama City, Santo Domingo, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Monaco.