Julie Calabrese

Julie Calabrese was born in La Seyne sur Mer, France, where she still lives, and travels around the world as a freelance photographer.

She has been part of different collectives such as AFW in Melbourne and L’ETNA in Paris where she dug into her analog practice.

She use the medium of photography to immortalized what’s around her, she documents places she goes, any city she lived in, any people who cross her path. Her themes and subjects are mostly focused on women, social relationships, and consequences of world struggles… She captures the lives of people. She uses photography as a bridge to create connections with the individuals she photographs, and the deeper the connection or relationship, the more worthy the pictures.

She has been published in different magazines such as Swampland, Issue 3, Cleptafire, Uncertain Magazine, Der Greif and has exhibited in Lisbon, Melbourne, and Paris.