Juliette Morel
Dancer / Choreographer / interpreter

A college graduate with a Master’s degree in Italian Literature and M.A. in Philosophy, Juliette Morel was trained in artistic gymnastics and classical dancing. She took on Alwin Nicolaïs contemporary dancing with Simona Buci in Florence, Italy, from 1997 through 1999.

Since 2000, she has been practicing the Peter Gross technique, opening up to a wealth of collaborations such as Serge Ricci, Daniel Dobbels, Nathalie Pubellier, Gigi Caciuleanu, Edilson Roque, Ko Murobushi, Carolyn Carlson, and others.

She danced and acted on theatrical plays and commercials and features like “Fais danser la poussière” by Christian Faure, on the national television France 2, 2009. She also collaborated with such artists as Nicolas Bonilauri on video creations and shorts, 2011.

From 2003 on, she has authored the choreographies, enacted with the Liocorno company, for 4 shows: Nogaredo or Histoires Baroques, Dirt, as a duet with an artist specialized in Southern India’s Kalaripayat martial arts, Cassandra, performed in Paris, Roubaix, Gennevilliers, Luxembourg, L’Attente, performed in festivals in Paris, Gdansk, Cagliari and elsewhere.

Compagnie du Liocorno

Photo May Rohner