Karla Guerrero

Karla Guerrero (Mexico City) Photographer from Fundación Pedro Meyer and Academia de Artes Visuales. Founder and curator in Femgrafia: a space dedicated to female photographers working in Ibero-America. Within her artistic practice, she collaborates writing articles due to the research and promotion of contemporary photography in Latin America.

Her work is highly influenced by the philosophical vanguard of Phenomenology in the behavior of the gaze, the interactions of oneself between objects, spatial explorations in experiences of transience and absence: memory, loss, and void.

Guerrero’s work has been exhibited across Europe and Mexico, including international fairs such as Cosmos Arles Books. She has obtained the Sony World Photography Award 2018, POY Latam 2019, FOAM Paul Huf Award nominee and the Lucie Foundation Scholarship shortlist.

Her work has been featured and reviewed by international platforms and magazines such as Aesthetica Magazine, GUP Magazine, and LensCulture.