Katelyn Wang

Katelyn Wang is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California.

Her photography aims to showcase the way she sees the world, with a focus on the beauty that is present all around us. In direct confrontation and absorption of human life, she finds a drive to consistently look deeper and more precisely. In landscapes, roadways, cut-outs of the larger spheres and sectors of terrestrial existence, she finds a reason for spiritual hope in the beautifully imperfect and endlessly various world in which we dwell and observe. Together, her works showcase her different definitions of beauty, collected like postcards from various places and various moments of her life.

Katelyn is an incoming student at the University of Chicago, having decided to take a gap year upon graduating high school to pursue new adventures, including many experiences surrounding photography. In the past year she has worked as an intern for the World Photography Organisation between London and Shanghai, as well as studied alongside many great photographers at the Magnum Intensive Documentary Photography Course in London.

At 16, she was named the 2017 Sony World Youth Photographer of the Year, which culminated in international exhibits around the U.K., Italy, and Germany. Since then, two of her works have received honorable mentions in the 2018 edition of the International Photography Awards.

Katelyn intends to continue her artistic practice throughout college and beyond, always looking for ways to broaden her perspective and deepen her understanding of the world.