Kestner Gesellschaft
Hannover, Germany

Contemporary, international, and diverse: The Kestner Gesellschaft is one of the largest art associations (German: Kunstvereine) in Germany. For over 100 years our aim has been to bring contemporary, international art to Hanover. The halls of the Goseriedebad, which once housed an indoor swimming pool, regularly host extensive group and solo exhibitions. With over 700 exhibitions to date, we have helped shape the art scene in Germany and abroad and are continually breaking new ground.

In order to make current artistic positions accessible to everyone, the exhibitions are accompanied by a diverse educational program for different age groups. From free tours to fascinating lectures and creative workshops, we offer many opportunities to engage with art. In addition, we are expanding our digital offerings and are thus active participants in digital transformation.

Moyra Davey (Bio), Susan Hiller, Camille Henrot, David Tremlett, Jean-Luc Mylayne, Goshka Macuga, Roman Signer, Nicolas Party, Eva Kot‘átková, Katinka Bock, John Baldessari