Johannes Wald
KIT / Kunst im Tunnel
Dusseldorf, Germany

Located directly beneath the Rhine Promenade in Düsseldorf in a space nestled between two major road tunnels, KIT – Kunst im Tunnel was inaugurated in 2007 as a spectacular meeting place and focal point for contemporary art.

The main focus of the program is the presentation of emerging, contemporary art across a range of genres, such as sculpture, painting, photography, video art and installation. Also part of KIT’s avowed remit is to encourage, promote and support an exchange between international emerging artists. Mostly group exhibitions are presented, in rare cases also solo exhibitions. The mission of KIT – Kunst im Tunnel is to promote the attitude of young artists acquired in the art academies and to provide support, acceptance and recognition through exhibitions and publications and to enable initial experience with institutional exhibiting.

Another major interest of the KIT is the direct communication of the exhibition contents in the form of workshops and guided tours. This is often done in direct cooperation with the young exhibiting artists.

Jakub Nepras

Franka Kaßner

Verena Buttmann, Die Kammer, 2019 / Photo Ivo Faber

Jakob Lena Knebl / Photo Georg Petermichl

Vanessa Conte

Olya Kroytor

Julia Hohenwarter / Photo Maurice Kaufmann

Wang Yin

Bianca Patricia