Kristina Podobed

Kristina Podobed (b 1994) is a Ukraine based photographer.

I started doing photography in 2011, mainly documenting myself and my female friends. I gradually became more aware of what I wanted to achieve as an artist and started to work on my personal projects. I learned to get inspired by everything that surrounds me, that’s why I always carry my camera and shoot everything I see, all sides of life in Ukraine: from attractive girls and models to homeless people who sleep in the streets.

Photography for me has become a way to overcome the shyness and discomfort I feel about my own body, and to question all the social taboos which exist around nakedness. At the same time, my photos are not only about the body – they are also about female identity in our image driven universe. Almost every girl or woman can remember being taught to look nice, to behave appropriately, to occupy less space, and I’m striving to dismantle these limitations. “Her portrayal of girlhood is raw and honest, the opposite of glamorous and yet incredibly beautiful, of boundaries intimate but never shy, and possesses a sharp sense of humor.” [Dazed & Confused]