Kunsthall Trondheim
art institution

Kunsthall Trondheim is a new contemporary art institution with international focus. Kunsthall Trondheim aims to strengthen the local art scene, and to be the central arena for contemporary art in Trondheim city and the region of Trøndelag. In addition to exhibitions the program will on a weekly basis include a variety of events: concerts, performances, film screenings, lectures and readings.

The plan for establishing an institution for contemporary art in Trondheim stretches back more than ten years, and is a result of the engagement of the people in the city, the city administration and politicians. Since 2013 Kunsthall Trondheim has been run as a pilot project by director Helena Holmberg, and on the initiative of the city of Trondheim and the county of Sør-Trøndelag. Kunsthall Trondheim is supported by the Art Council Norway.

In the period of 2017-19 Kunsthall Trondheim will focus on these areas: issues of sustainability, climate and ecology, international contemporary art, art from non-Western perspectives, art that thematizes normative gender roles and sexual identity and highlight younger artists, especially with connection to the region of Trøndelag.