Laly Picon

Lily Picon, armed with a camera, attended EFET, School of Photography & Audio/Visual production in Paris and received her degree in 2015 with a desire to see more.

Accustomed to portrait and studio photography, she began to question the concept of image making. After running with what the magazine culture likes to refer to as “lifestyle” photography, today she has been seeking out other paths.

Sensitive, she keeps the memory of those she photographed and leaves us their images to awaken our consciousness.

Encountering others, traveling, and a desire to discover new things are the driving force in her work. Paradoxically, this is what allows her to express herself in the most intimate and personal ways.

It is a job of trust, and this is why she wishes for her career to give her this freedom to express this personal vision. It is the freedom to choose, and the freedom of initiative that allows it to be best fulfilled. To act, in her own way, that her work may have an impact on others.