Laura Kaamos

Laura Kaamos is born in Sassari in 1999. She utilizes a variety of mediums for communication among which photography has a prominent role.

She mostly takes inspiration from music and cinematography with particular focus on everything intimate and erotic, seen through a lens that is knowingly dreamlike and visionary.

Laura Kaamos’ SP (short playing) “2020 project”

Side A: “Indoor games,” realized between April and May, it shows reality reduced to cramped spaces in which time passes slowly, bringing intimate reflections. These Polaroids encapsulate moments of connection and intimacy in a forcedly “sealed” time.

Side B: “Our first trip to the Solar system,” this time Polaroids with a pictorial transformation that bring, with the return of an “open” way of living, imaginary visions of outlooks with no more confinements and therefore infinite. Realized between June and July.