Lauren Pisano

Lauren was born and raised in Queens, New York. She studied photography at The School of Visual Arts in NYC. She currently lives in Altadena, CA with her husband and son, West. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries across the United States. Recently, work from her series, “Packaging Yourself” has been selected to be part of an upcoming show at Richard Saltoun Gallery in London and an image from her Quarantine series is on currently on view at The International Center of Photography in New York City.


Since March 2020 I have been photographing myself and my family at home in CA. My main focus has been my son, West. As children often do, he has unabashedly been showing a wide range of emotions. Observing him has been a gauge of what we all have been collectively feeling. I’ve been photographing us, almost obsessively, as a way to come to terms with my own confusion and sense of loss. When I look back at the earlier work our life feels almost unrecognizable. I know that it felt as if we were existing on the cusp of a new way of life, but I can no longer distinguish the difference between what looks like hope and what is despair. The two seem to exist simultaneously as we take it day by day, putting one foot in front of the other.

Packaging Yourself

These are images from my ongoing self-portrait series illustrating the fashion “don’ts” John T. Molloy gives women in his 1977 book, “A Woman’s Dress for Success.” Under the guise of scientific research, Malloy instructs women on which outfits and accessories will “make or break” them in the professional world and beyond.

By photographing myself wearing the items that he warns against, I am drawing attention to the stiflingly sexist nature of not only this book, but the conversation which surrounds a woman’s appearance.