Leana Cagnotto

Leana Cagnotto was born in Rosarno (Reggio Calabria), Italy.

In 2010 she moved to Turin where she attended the European Institute of Design. After graduation, she joined the Superbudda creative collective, applying her aesthetic vision to events organisation and photo reporting, from the planning to the implementation process.

As photographer specialised in architecture and interior design, she focuses her artistic research on the graphic element as well as on the material-oriented one. Her pictures capture the fragments of an architectural whole and authentically create some focal points. The purely minimalistic approach of her practice conveys the static aspect and enables the single element to mould itself in an new structure. By focusing on the physical location and the relationship with the surrounding environment, Architectures are perceived as a single entity.

In this way, the Detail is not only given a new nature but it is also elevated from decorative item to freestanding structure. Sometimes, this assumes the dimension of out-and-out patterns shaped by matter, form and color.