Les Filles du Calvaire
Gallery / Paris

Les Filles du Calvaire gallery, located in Paris Marais district, opened in 1996 in a two levels industrial building under a large glass roof. From the beginning, the gallery was designed to be “a place of resistance.”

Since then, the surge of images taking over our thoughts and the ongoing violence in our relationships comforts this original project. The artists we are showing are utterly coherent with that commitment as they offer points of view or enlightenments of the unaccountable reality we are facing.

Our program gathers the different fields of contemporary art that can overlap and enhance one another (painting, sculpture, video, photography and installation) since artists often use a complex vocabulary. A political choice – in the noble sense of the word political – as it is relentlessly exploring the world as it is.
The gallery participates in numerous art fairs, and collaborates with many institutions in France and abroad. It enables many publications, self-produced or in co-production, as a powerful tool to broadcast creation.


Antoine D’agata (bio/banner), Diana Markosian, Noémie Goudal, Katinka Lampe, Laura Henno, Matt Wilson, Helena Almeida, Edouard Wolton, Ellen Kooi, Thierry Fontaine, Paz Corona
Rencontres d’Arles 2021
Jul 4 – Sep 26, 2021
Should we invent a new rite of passage for this very peculiar time? Retouch this blank year in technicolor?...