Life Framer
Photography organization

Life Framer is a photography award that sources and showcases outstanding work from amateur to established artists. We run 12 monthly call for entries, each overseen by a world-renowned photographer or industry professional.

Life Framer is also an independent community that promotes and champions creative culture on and off line. We celebrate our favourite series from the community in our Collection, publish interviews in our Journal, and share daily the stories behind submitted images in our social feeds. You can also build and share your own ‘my LF’ profile.

Across 5 years of past editions we have presented the work of artists in three photo- books and exhibitions in London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Rome, Los Angeles and Switzerland.

Each month winning photographers receive online exposure, $2000 in cash prizes, and at the end of the year the winners are exhibited in shows in New York, Paris, Rome and Tokyo. Collective comments are provided by our guest critic team at the end of each month so that every photographer that submits can learn to curate their best work.