Lucile Gourdon

My name is Lucile Gourdon, I am 22 and I am french. I come from Nantes where I had my studies in Literature and Art History. At 18 I left Nantes in order to study Photography. I had my professional degree in photography in Montaigu and in Biarrtiz.

During my studies I learn a lot about this medium and about myself especially during the internships. My first internship in photography was with Youri Lenquette, a famous music photographer in Paris. I learnt so much with him that I decided to follow him for a second internship in Dakar, Senegal. It was my first trip alone and it’s was there that I realized what I wanted to do as a photographer. I want to tell people’s story through my photographs.

That’s why I chose to specialize in reports and went to the photo agency REA and SIPA PRESS for my others internships. In the big city, Paris, how to photograph the events, the protests, the meetings and how to survive in this jungle of photographers, was a very challenging experience for me. It was very hard but I loved it anyway. Finally, my last internship was in the French Army. It was a great experience that showed me an entirely different world than the one I knew.

At the end of my studies I decided to start working and travelling. I went to Iceland with other photographers where I discovered for instance amazing landscapes. Afterwards, I lived in Paris for a year where I worked as a photographer.

Constantly on the move, I like to live in different countries in order to meet people, communities and landscapes different than mine.
I am currently living in Cork, Irlande where I work as an au pair for a numerous family. I am discovering a different a way of life, history and culture of this beautiful country. At the same time I work on several photography projets with a young Spanish journalist.

I am hoping to be able to live from my work someday. For the moment I am just travelling and working and it’s only the beginning.