Mahé Elipe

Born in 1991, Mahé Elipe is a French photographer based in Mexico. She completed higher education studies in France with a degree in applied arts, and at the EPTA school of Photography, where she perfected her visual arts skills. Member of the Hans Lucas studio since 2016, and Women Photograph since 2019.

She is attracted by the fusion of social concerns, arts and communication, using photography as a social link. Her goals as a photojournalist is to ask about the place of the human in society in particular the place of women, taking advantage of the medium that photography is. She tries to weave her stories by threading the culture of those she meets, on her loom. She had the opportunity to complete her training, thanks to the Workshop Nikon-Bayeux security in conflict zone in 2018, as well as the Masterclass Nikon-NOOR Academy in Budapest the same year.

Also she is one of the winners of Reuters Photojournalists Grants 2019 and her work was exhibited in October 2019 at the photography festival, Les Rencontres Photographique du 10ème in Paris.

Mahé collaborated with different media outlets such as Le Monde, Liberation, Médiapart, Lacroix, Aljazeera.