Marcella Green

Marcella is a socially engaged artist from Pennsylvania residing in Providence, RI. She works primarily in photography, writing, and socially engaged art installations. She earned her bachelor’s degrees in Creative Writing and Sculpture from Binghamton University in 2014, a Post Bac Certificate in Photography at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2016, and her MFA in Image and Text from Ithaca College in 2018.

Thematically, her work focuses on visual storytelling as a method to examine her identity in relation to others, and through this examination, to learn how to continually cultivate and share radical, meaningful love. She rarely photographs people, but rather places where beings have been, and where meaning lingers in the absence of figures. Her images incorporate color, texture, and light to communicate observations, feelings, and opinions. She wonders what is means to flatten the world with a camera or scanner. In doing so, how can she push back on the harmful structures and ideologies within herself and her community to be part of their positive transformation?