Maria Cristina Fernandez

Since 2015 to today, my research in photography is about loneliness in all its shapes and the communicative struggles of human beings.

It is about the emotion firmness that seems like a never ending wait or a melancholic resignation.

Subjects of my photography are often different. Whether it be places or people, what I’m really looking for is that combination of elements which describes my interior view.

The training path I had is a mix of things, after secondary school oriented to Science and informatics, I went to a Modern Literature course at the University of Federico II in Naples. I additionally attended classes in audiovisual arts such as in cinema and film scripting at the Pigrecoemme in Naples and in direction of photography at Rome.

My attention is mostly based on color, and currently I am working as a colorist in the video sector for Trimlab31 in Naples.

I have had several exhibitions of my art, including a personal one in Caserta at the Palazzo Paternò, as well as at the MAV of Ercolano, Francolise’s Castle, and at the Fazio’s Palace in Capua.