Marie-Clémence David

Marie-Clémence David is a photographer who lives in Paris.

She’s been passionate since her childhood by pictures, cinema and art in general and received her first camera at age 12. Since then, it has never stopped being a part of her and goes along in her daily routine.

After her photography studies, she decided to become a professional artist in 2013. After several shows in North of France, from where she grew up, she moved to Paris in 2014 and evolved her art and practice of photography in the cultural sector, especially focused on portraiture and photo documentary. She has collaborated with many theater companies since then.

The camera is an instrument that gives her a way of understanding reality and celebrating everyday details. Always attracted by light and by life, she photographs as if to have a grip on the passing of time.

Her personal and often autobiographical work is about such different themes as loss, solitude, memories, death and awareness of human condition in today’s society.