Marine Lepetit

After the end of my photography studies in Gobelins school in Paris in 2011, I came back to Bordeaux where I grew up. Since then I have been reporting on building sites for an engineer magazine and illustrations for tourist guides. I am also a wedding and birthday photographer, I love to catch important events in people’s lives and to think that maybe their great-grandchildren will see those pictures in many years… I define my personal work as documentary, trying to shoot raw reality without spending so much time in post-production. The photo story presented here is a project I made all around China between April and June. When I heard about the outrageous quantity of concrete this country used in only a few years, creating a real estate bubble to encourage growth, I wanted to see what the landscape had turned into. I went there on my own with my camera and my darkroom for two months, from Shanghaï to Kunming, to capture all those entirely new districts of concrete, glass and steel buildings with modern architecture that replace traditional houses and cultivated lands.

I’m now planning my next photo report in Mali, thinking about a more social subject that will correspond with my never ending story of french rural life in Creuse, entitled CP23460.