Materia Prima
Foundation / Residency

Materia Prima is an “Art sanctuary” created by Piergiorgio Castellani in one of the most celebrated of his family wine estates in Tuscany. The Ceppaiano Villa hosts an art residency non-profit project which feature up and coming artists from around the world to come and cultivate their craft in the vineyard estate, free of cost and fully supplied.

The wine estate becomes a space for creativity. Ready to welcome cultural ideas and innovative though in a philosophy of return to nature, to the earth. A hug that combines new and old values. A source of inspiration for artists who want to breathe the charm.

Ann Mirjam Vaikla

Violetta Viola

Materia Prima / Spettacolo

Denitsa Ilcheva

Joey Davis

Jeff Malmberg and Chris Shellen

Angela Velleca