Melike Koçak
Artist / Photographer

Melike Koçak (b. 1997) is an artist based in Istanbul, Turkey. Through long term lens-based projects she meditates on reconstructing physical reality within the imaginative plane. In 2020 she became an alumni of the Canon Student Development Program. She has recently been selected to participate in Image Threads Mentorship Program to work with Dylan Haustor. Melike Koçak holds an MA in philosophy and also is running Fabrika Zine, a platform for emerging Turkish photographers since 2015.

Mother’s Dream is the first chapter of a photographic project which meditates upon the possibility of reconstructing and re-experiencing our dreams through photographic imagery. The main motivation of this project is to create new paths that will strengthen our personal bonds with our imaginations and our streams of unconsciousness. For this mission, I created a list that consists of essential types of dreams such as horror, sensual, nostalgic, or traumatic by focusing on the dominant feeling that characterizes that specific dream. Mother’s Dream faces the ghosts of a collective past through a narrative about a woman facing the memories of a violent relationship. I hope that the images in Mother’s Dream recall the complexity and stickiness of how our pasts haunt the systems of the world that we move through.

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