Mirela Balea

I’m a cultural events photographer and currently a student at National University of Arts in Bucharest. I discovered my passion for photography a few years ago and I decided to follow through. Even though I didn’t rush into it, allowing myself to take the time I needed to learn and grow, I fell in love with it more and more. I was fascinated by the possibility of expressing my feelings and emotions through such a powerful visual medium.

As a visual artist who works with images, I let myself be inspired by everything around me. I like to observe the complexity of nature to which I often return, to capture moments of people’s lives or to discover my own personal space towards feeling a connection that grew stronger during the pandemic.

I’m grateful to be witness to such abundance of visual stories of this world.

Photography carried me on paths I would not have dreamt about giving me the opportunity to better understand myself as an individual within this vast wonderful diversity of people. I have met extraordinary people along the way and so far it has been an amazing journey.

My work was featured in National Geographic Your Shot platform, where two of my photos were published.