MoCA Busan
Museum of Contemporary Art Busan

Museum of Contemporary Art Busan is a public art museum set up by Busan Metropolitan City in South Korea. Located on Eulsukdo Island in the lower Nakdong River estuary, its building whose total floor area reaches 15,312 square meters was completed in 2017 on a site of 29,900 square meters. Created in this three-story building are exhibit spaces on the basement level and on its first and second floors. Added also to this building are a storage area, a seminar room, an experience room, a children’s library, a reference room, a curatorial office, and other offices.

Preparing for its opening in the middle of 2018 as a cultural hub in the West Busan area, the museum is the nation’s first public museum for contemporary art that will bring art of our time into the spotlight. The museum will carry out its role through exhibitions that raise new discourses based on its studies into today’s art tendencies and social contexts, future-oriented art education programs, the establishment of a network with other art institutions and cooperation with them, collection of contemporary artworks, and other academic events.

The museum plans multi-pronged activities to associate the region with art and the world with the future, designating Nature, New Media, and Humanity as its seminal agenda. We have high hopes that intriguing art that pursues positive relationships with nature, man, and art will be shared at this forum for experiments under the circumstances we face now and through changes in society as well as science and technology.