Moderna Museet
Stockholm / Malmo

Moderna Museet is a government organization with national responsibility for collecting, preserving and exhibiting modern and contemporary art. Moderna Museet is based in Stockholm and Malmö.

Our vision: An open museum in a larger world. Moderna Museet is one of Europe’s leading museums of modern and contemporary art. Our vision is to continue to work in the open and experimental spirit for which Moderna Museet has always been known. The presence of the art and the artists is our key concern, along with our dialogue with an actively participating audience. By developing this interaction, we build a Museum for the future.

We want Moderna Museet to be a brave museum in a larger world, taking risks in the name of art. Moderna Museet takes risks in the name of art. The Museum is famous for this, and we continue to pursue our activities in this spirit, enabling all artistic disciplines to meet, and confronting contemporary audiences with the best from the past.

Moderna Museet is an open museum that reconsiders history and engages with contemporary society; A relevant museum, where encounters with the best art enhances our knowledge about the world and ourselves. The open museum is both a collection of key works and a mobile arena for activities that engage the public and the world beyond the museum walls. With rich programmes of activities and playful events, the audience meets not just the art but the artists themselves. Ultimately, we are concerned with art as an experience for people of all ages, and art as a source of knowledge about the world, and about ourselves.