Morgane Delfosse

Born in the north of France in 1991, Morgane Delfosse sees photography as an irrevocable vocation from her very young age. She chooses to tell the stories that surround her in this way, in a constant search for intimacy with her subjects.

Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts on 75 in Brussels after studying photography and art, Morgane lived and worked in the Belgian capital for nearly 10 years. She moved to Paris in September 2018 to pursue her career and return to a more documentary and personal practice of her medium. Since then, she has been dealing with social, feminist, and environmental issues.

Multifaceted photographer and committed portraitist, Morgane Delfosse collaborates with actors, artists, authors, theaters, and institutions. She joined the Hans Lucas studio in January 2019.