Morgane Moussé

Morgane grew up in the South of France, near Lyon, where she began studying photography in high school. At eighteen, she decided to leave the country in order to continue her studies in Canada, in Eastern Quebec, between the sea and the mountains.

Her desire to take pictures was born out of a kind of fear of losing her memory, of forgetting. She has always been afraid of the feeling of losing everything. Photography therefore helps her to keep moments and situations that have marked her. What interests her is not necessarily the grandiose, nor the breathtaking landscapes. She finds her inspiration in the little wonders that nature has to offer us; discover small places hidden from the rest of the world, chase the light of the end of the day, let yourself be carried away by the wind of the river…. She is inhabited by a desire to fully live each moment as if it were the last, because each moment offers her the opportunity to observe and contemplate a phenomenon that only nature can control.

Today, she is more interested in the relationship between humans and the environment and their respective impacts on societies close to nature.