Ostend, Belgium

Mu.ZEE is the art museum by the sea for Belgian art, with complete openness and accessibility. Mu.ZEE creates an active space for the public and artists where art can be approached in a relaxed, free and creative way.

Mu.ZEE houses a valuable collection of art originating from the joint efforts of the Province of West Flanders and the City of Ostend. It tells its stories through a unique collection of Belgian art dating from 1830 to the present day. The specific form of the collection makes it unique within the Flemish museum landscape. The collection policy and the exhibition programme aim to ensure that Mu.ZEE is constantly in dialogue with the international art scene.

Mu.ZEE aims for increasing hospitality and more in-depth research, emphasizing the educational, academic and exhibition function of the museum. It wants to encourage the various parties who are directly or indirectly connected to Mu.ZEE to boost the dynamic that is indispensable for the museum.

Mu.ZEE wants to support the region’s economic growth through an active, targeted programme and seeks to help develop sustainable coastal tourism through its culture tourism objectives. To achieve this, Mu.ZEE actively seeks a variety of cooperation arrangements both within and outside the cultural sector.