Photo Agency

The initials M.Y.O.P. are inspired from a poem by the surrealist poet Paul Eluard:

“Mes yeux objets patients / étaient à jamais ouverts / sur l’étendue des mers / ou je me perdais” (My eyes, patient objects / forever open / on the open seas / where I lost myself)

The photographers of Agence MYOP have gathered around the idea of assumed subjectivity in their photography. Over the ten years since the agency’s creation by Guillaume Binet and Lionel Charrier the notion of resistance has become a particular focus:

Resistance to the forces of commercial photography; Resistance through defending documentary photography; Resistance via an engaged photographic view of the world.

Agence MYOP represents a group of 19 photographic artists who bring together their differing visions of contemporary photography and who question today’s world through the stories they tell.

The Photographers:

Ed Alcock | Guillaume Binet | Lionel Charrier | Julien Daniel | Agnes Dherbeys | Marie Dorigny | Philippe Guionie | Pierre Hybre | Olivier Jobard | Alain Keler | France Keyser | Oan Kim | Olivier Laban-Mattei | Stéphane Lagoutte | Jean Larive | Ulrich Lebeuf | Olivier Monge | Julien Pebrel | Jérémy Saint-Peyre

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