Nathalie Lescuyer

After many years between Paris and Berlin, I discovered photography by chance through an encounter with someone who encouraged me to express myself through this medium.

I moved to the Haute Savoie and took up photography with a film camera.

In the ’80s I nourished myself with images in projection halls of art cinemas where I worked. Then leaving school, I spent my days in the cinema with Godard, Dreyer, Cassavetes, and others who fed my hunger for images.

Modeling in the art studios of Grande Chaumiere and Beaux Arts in Paris, I learned painting under the tutelage of professors like Cremonini and Alberola.

In the ’90s I worked twice to Berlin and Geneva with Jean Luc Godard, which birthed my interest in lighting and cinematography.

My project I Love Humanity portrays the men of Darfour at Calais and was selected for Voies Off Arles 2017.