Photo Aparna Jayakumar
Navjot Altaf
Artist / Multidisciplinary

Navjot Altaf’s practice involves painting, sculptures, installations, video, photography and site-specific works that negotiate various disciplinary boundaries. Navjot works with people from different disciplines as well as with indigenous artists and community members on public art projects in Central India. Her methodology ascertains the interactive aspects of collaboration, whereby the work emerges out of an extended dialogical interaction. Navjot is interested in understanding the significance of transdisciplinary work “whose nature is not merely to cross disciplinary boundaries.

Navjot has been participating in national and international artists’ residencies and in Apart from number of solo exhibitions in and outside India, some of her participations include, Starting from the Desert. Ecologies on the Edge, 2nd Yinchuan Biennale, (2018) Landscape as Evidence: Artist as Witness: KHOJ, New Delhi, India (2017) Stretched Terrains: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art New Delhi, India (2017) amongst several others.

[Chennai Photo Biennale]